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Elon Musk Raises more $$$ for Twitter Takeover!

Elon Musk is expected to lead Twitter as the "temporary" CEO after his $44 Billion takeover of the Social Media Platform. Musk recently made headlines across the world as he announced a 9.2% position he had built up in $TWTR worth around $2.4B in the hopes of taking one of the world's largest Social Media Platforms private. Having pushed ahead with his plan to completely acquire the remainder of the Company via a group of investors and take the company fully private, Elon Musk has now made several changes pivoting away from using his personal wealth as he had in the original financing of the purchase plan of Twitter.

The Electric Entrepreneur seems to have built up a stacked team of Investors to help him in his quest to take Twitter private. Follow along in our newsletter to stay updated on the Elon Musk - Twitter Saga.


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